Are you a student, a job-seeker, a consultant, or just some guy/gal out there, looking for ways to make some good money? If yes, then holla Amen!, cos, we've got great news for you. As a company, one of Open e-Mark's social responsibilities is to create jobs and business-opportunities for the masses; this is in line with UNESCO's SDG4 for Education. To this end, we've set-out to empower you financially, by forming a partnership with you. As a result, you will get special privileges (as it concerns the use and administration of our School IMS); and that's simply because we want you (our partners) to prosper financially, as much as we want schools to prosper with our Technology.

So, here's what we've done:

Open e-Mark School IMS has lots of free modules and is freely supported, and will always remain so. Access to the examination transcripts generated by the software however requires an access-code: what we fondly call the e-Mark Code. All e-Mark Codes are (by default) usable three (3) times, within a 12-month period. Each e-Mark Code goes for only NGN300


Now, hear's the deal,

You (our esteemed partner) can also get the e-Mark Codes for as low as NGN 100 (Yes, we mean 100 naira) depending on your performance on the platform.



You can sell your e-Mark Codes to schools for whatever amount you choose, but we encourage you to be fair in your pricing. Selah!

Here are some of the goodies Open e-Mark  brings to your table:

  •  e-Mark Code Generation - Generate e-Mark Codes (required for access to students' transcripts/report-cards on the Application Portal), bearing your Business Name and Logo. Also set the number of times you'd want the codes you generate to be usable by your clients.

Sign-up new schools and school-administrators under you, sell e-Mark Codes to them (from your account, depending on your own e-Mark Code Credit Balance) at your own price. Let your clients pay you (for e-Mark Code Credits) cash or directly into your bank account, and then you can process their payments from within your Account's Control Panel


  • Make real money as you use the app: Open e-Mark School IMS has a built-in referral-system that allows you to make money in other ways, besides the sale of e-Mark Code Credits and the other administrative fees you may decide to charge the schools you service.

        Once you sign-up as a partner, you receive a Referral Link. For each qualified referral against your referral-link, you earn a               LIFE-TIME Commission up-to 20% of all the e-Mark Codes purchased by your Direct Referrals and 1% of all purchases by               your In-direct Referrals - depending on the type of Partner  Activation you choose.

        Also, earn up-to 20% on all your direct-referral sign-up and 1% for in-direct referral sign-ups. So, assuming you are able to
       sign-up 100 in a month, and each referral of yours goes on to sign-up 100 schools/other partners (who automatically are your        in-direct referrals) who decide to purchase, say, 500 e-Mark Codes/Credits each term, then, you'll making a whopping        NGN750,000 every term, for as long as they use our platform.

        But that's not all!

       If those in-direct referrals of yours go on to purchase 500 e-Mark Codes/Credits per term, then you'll also be making an        additional NGN150,000 per term - that's a total of NGN900,000 per term; plus the sign-up bonuses. The whole process is        automated on the app, and you can request a withdrawal of your earnings at any time (once you have accumulated 
up to        NGN1,000 in your account) right from your account's Control Panel. You may also decide to use your earnings for the purchase        of more e-Mark Code Credits, from within the app.