Open & Freely-supported Education Information Management System For K-12 Institutions

In support of UNESCO's Vision 2030 for Education, we are providing access to the Open e-Mark School Management System (without any initial financial-commitment), to schools across the continent of Africa, and beyond.

Open e-Mark School Management System is a platform with various app-modules, like Result Processor, School Fee Manager etc. These modules help to automate the many manual processes involved in the management and administration of education.

Access to the final report-sheets generated by the Result Processor is however only possible via a special code, called the e-Mark Code. 

At Godlogik Systems, we issue the e-Mark Codes for $0.5 (NGN180) only, usable three (3) times within a 3-month period. But it's possible to get the codes for less than the stated amount by becoming one of our partners/agents.

So, now, you have free access to a School Management System that is poised to do more for your school than you ever imagined. 

Get your school online now, by signing up here.