Q1.  How do I become an Open e-Mark Partner?

            Becoming an Open e-Mark Partner is an easy 3-step process:


  •             Create a free account on the app here

  •             Fill-out a simple partnership-form from within the app, by clicking the "Request/Update Partnership" Link

                    within your account's Control Panel.

  •             Purchase the minimum number of e-Mark Code Credits required for Activation/Go Live (depending on your

                   Partner Level/Plan of choice - i.e. Lite: 18 Code Credits; Pro: 34 Code Credits; Max: 40 Code Credits; or                    Ultimate: 556 (See plan details here), and you're done! 

Q2. What are those e-Mark Codes?

        The e-Mark Codes are codes used to access/print the final Exam Transcripts generated by the Open e-Mark School

        IMS. Each e-Mark Code can be used to log into the Result Portal, three(3) times or more (depending on how much you         decide to pay for the codes/credits), and is valid for 12 months, after being generated

Q4. So, then, how about the e-Mark Code Credits. What are those used for?


        The e-Mark Code Credits determine how many e-Mark Codes you can generate at any given time.

        So, simply put, 1 e-Mark Code Credit = 1 e-Mark Code; 30 e-Mark Code Credits = 30 e-Mark Codes. 

Q5.  Who can become a partner?

        Any individual or business with a fair knowledge of the use of computers can

        request to become a partner.

Q6.   How do I pay for the e-Mark Code Credits required for Activation, Go Live, or just Top Ups?

        Please find information on how to obtain e-Mark Code Credits here.

Q7. I have a question you've not answered, what can I do?

        No problem, just send-in your queries via any of our Support Channels, and we'll do our best to resolve them as fast

        as possible.