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School Management System, uniquely designed to support both School Management & Entrepreneurship!
Lots of free modules, with free support, for life!

Simple, yet Robust & Powerful

Parents', Teachers', and Students'
Record Management

Register parents, teachers, and students in your school.
Grant these stakeholders access to their dashboards, to perform
functions like assigning subjects/courses to wards, uploading
students' test-scores, e-commenting on students' Report Cards, and more.

Multi-School Support

Easily manage operations accross completely different schools
or multiple branches of the same school.
Suitable for large schools with multiple branches or for managing a group of schools within a district or even an entire nation. 

Flexible Grading System Definition

Define your own Grading System (for different sub-sections, like JS1, JS2 etc., and for different assessment-types, like MID-TERM and FINAL EXAMS) within seconds.
Open e-Mark Computes your students' results, and grades them using the grading-system you've defined.

On-Screen Result Computation & Grading 

Get a feel of the accuracy of the results being computed, while you're yet uploading your students' test/exam scores.
Open e-Mark does a partial-computation of results (and displays them on screen), while scores are yet being uploaded.

Complete Student Academic Life Cycle Management

Manage the entire Academic Life Cycle of students - from Admission to Graduation. 
Easily promote/demote students, move them from class-to-class, etc.

Block/Release Results Online

Block computed results (for a student, entire class, entire sub-section or section) in the event that you want to prevent access to these results for some reasons, internal to your institution.
Accordingly, unblock/release blocked results with the click of a button.

Designed from ground-up to support entrepreneurship!

Be your own boss!

Start your own EdTech business Online or Offline, without investing a dime. Signup schools, train them, manage their processes, provide them support, keep 100% of the profit, while receiving free training (via our various training channels) as well as free support, from us!

Take your business to the next level

Become an Open e-Mark Partner and receive your unique referral-link, as well as some e-Mark Code Credits.
Use your credits to generate Online Result Access Slips (bearing your business-name and logo) and sell them (at your desired price) to the schools you manage.
Get sophisticated by producing custom scratch-cards with the codes on your generated slips, and sell to the schools you manage, for even higher profit.

Earn Life-time Commissions with your Unique Referral Link

Share your referral-link everywhere it's permissible on the web, and earn life-time commissions of up-to 20% for each direct-referral sign-ups/purchases and 1% for in-direct referrals, depending on your Partner Level and Partnership Standing.  
Request a payout once you accumulate as little as $5 (NGN1800) on your account. We'll pay once, at the end of every month.

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